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Ok, this is gonna be my feeble attempt to put the crap to bed, so if anything I say here offends anyone so be it...

I am happy to hear that DMJC is considering joining both organizations! I hope that every one of your members will seriously consider it.

I personally know quite a few of DMJC members, some of which I am happy to call my friends. I have never gotten the impression that they were high and mighty. Quite the opposite actually. They have always been welcoming to everyone around them and that is a very good thing. Maybe some of their members are excited to be able to say they ARE a member, much like youmay find from a member or Swamp Stompers, SoFo or any of the other clubs around here. It looks to me like they somehow teamed up with GLFWDA and UFWDA to get them to talk to the club at one of it's meetings, EXACTLY the same as the Swamp Stompers did a while back. It is MUCH easier that way. Good for them and good for GLFWDA

I am also happy to say that I personally know a bunch of members of both GLFWDA and UFWDA and again, some I can call my friends. I know Shawn. Not extremely well, but I feel like I know him enough to know that he is simply VERY passionate about everything to do with keeping the sport alive and improving. Were his choice of words great? Of course not, and I am sure he knows that now. Is he proud of what he does for wheeling? Absolutely, and rightfully so. Paul as well... great guy and he is exactly the person you all left your meeting believing he was. I have been around him enough times to know that he has always been the same person from the first time I met him.

Here is the bottom line. We all have the same common interest here. We may all like different types of wheeling or simply like to hang around people of the same interests as ours. Lets not forget, we all also have a WIDE range of personalities. I know a lot of people from several different clubs. There is not one group out there where everyone loves everybody else. Four wheel drive associations are no different. Each person also will bring a different quality to the table as well. We ALL need to be in this together as there is strength in numbers. Don't let a few stupid words typed on a computer get everyone all riled up for the wrong reason. Get riled up about what the state and the greenies are constantly taking away from you. I know for a fact that if some of you from both sides were to actually meet each other without anyone exchanging names, you would get along quite well.
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