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Originally Posted by shawn View Post
Wow. I made a post (and deleted it) on why GLFWDA and UFDWA had to make a special trip to visit DMJC when there have been meetings and opportunities all over on the web to find out what's going on within these organizations. These people volunteer more time and effort than you can imagine. I would be ashamed of my club if they felt so high and mighty that they should ask these groups to come talk to them, in order for you to make up you're mind if it's worth your time or money to support them. ALL of us are busy with life, and it's very hard to volunteer time to anything. That's all I was saying. But I hope you got your answers and get involved.

But, the way I take you now, it really doesn't matter what was said, I just happened to be your excuse to not get involved. But I do apologize, I was more standing up for GLFWDA then ripping on DMJC, sorry it came across that way. I don't want club battles in this state. I have been encouraging clubs and individuals to join.
Yes GLFWDA made a special trip to visit our club. It is nothing we are ashamed of nor should we be.
We gave GLFWDA the opportunity to reach out to 50+ members, and in turn we had the pleasure to meet them, ask questions and have them answered right away.
I disagree when you say we feel like we are "high and mighty". But I will say that my club is one of the best if not the best club in the Great Lakes region and i am proud to represent DMJC. For you to come out bashing our club as if we do nothing for the community is foolish.
You didn't have to say anything negative at all but you choose to come out swinging. Deleting you comments does not fix anything for the people that have read it.
It was not necessary for you to address us as "DMLC". If your only reason for the post was to "encourage" a club to join GLFWDA you have failed and quite possibly turned 50+ members away from supporting. So you in turn should be ashamed for insulting anyone that has given there time to GLFWDA

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