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Originally Posted by Coyote Red View Post
I think we have a misunderstanding. I am not saying don't question them or chose to not support them; rather the opposite, question them and stand firm if you beliefs and values. What you have done with Groupon is exactly what I think people should do. They cut out anything gun related, you sent a letter asking for an explanation and providing them with you feedback about the policy, they provided a response that was not a flat out "no". Now we have to wait and see what they decide to do. This is what I want to see happen, the very thing you just did. Someone to research "claims" and provide facts for others to base opinion off from. I too do not trust the Facebook stories or pictures either. I have no confirmed places to add to the list so I have not made a suggestion for a company to add.

My mom will forward me Groupon deals every now and then. I have bought a few packages but since you made this post I have asked her to stop sending them to me and to stop using them herself.
I still get their ads and when I see something I would have bought I remind them of my inquiry and say I would have bought this if you hadn't announced your policy review and tried to be political instead of business oriented. I think it's important for them to see the direct revenue loss especially from a high volume consumer like myself. How many hippies are going to buy more because they made this announcement about policy??? I doubt they are adding more business than they are losing so I am sure to remind them what they are losing from me.
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