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Originally Posted by Coyote Red View Post
Its a stores choice to allow or to not allow someone to carry. I respect that choice and do not stand out front with a sign protesting and pushing my views on others. I may send a letter inquiring as to why they feel this way and give them a chance to explain themselves. If they present a valid reason as to why their policies are this way (loss of customers, liability, insurance, things of this nature) I have no problem with that. If they chose to reply back that guns are evil and the devil that is their choice and I have the choice to not use their services.

I hate most of my generation but that is a topic for another debate.
I don't stand out in front of them and protest too but I also would not give them my business if I was sure they had this policy. I for a fact know that groupon made some news announcement over it's decision to not do gun related sales and is now "reviewing" that policy. I have made my choice not to buy from them unless they bring back the range time sales. It is their choice not to sell those packages but it is my choice as a consumer not to support them with my business. This is the type of information I am looking for other people to provide knowedgeably.
I am not looking for the I saw a motivational picture on facebook but of first hand knowledge that their is a policy like the one groupon created.
This is America and they have the freedom to sell or not sell whatever they want. I have the right to spend my money left over after government rapeage where I want.
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