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Originally Posted by Lousypirate View Post
I do have to laugh Cody.

I just interviewed at Lacks. In the research I did, I found out the owner attached a letter to the company bonuses telling them why they should not vote for Obama.

As far as asking whether or not to give business based on someone's actions:

- I try to support local businesses
- I try to deal with good people when buying/selling second-hand.
- I have gotten "talked" to by several about the gun laws and other anti republican propaganda, but that doesn't stop me from doing business with them
- I see it like Ted said it in a recent interview "why don't you just leave gun owners the hell alone?"
- I don't get in people's faces about their life choices that I do not approve of. I don't give a shit if you are gay, do drugs, or otherwise. Just don't you dare try to shove my face in it.

So, if you have no reason to promote restrictions on gun laws, but try to shove it in people's faces, or promote otherwise, I probably would tend to not do business with you.

Similar to church, nobody is forcing you to go, or to buy or not buy a gun, just drop it and work on getting this damn country out of debt and whip the shit out of 95% of my generation because they are arrogant and incorrigible retards. That or get the fukc out of the country, we don't need you "occupying" anything or expecting hand me outs. Go squat in Mexico or something you dumb twats.

Its a stores choice to allow or to not allow someone to carry. I respect that choice and do not stand out front with a sign protesting and pushing my views on others. I may send a letter inquiring as to why they feel this way and give them a chance to explain themselves. If they present a valid reason as to why their policies are this way (loss of customers, liability, insurance, things of this nature) I have no problem with that. If they chose to reply back that guns are evil and the devil that is their choice and I have the choice to not use their services.

I hate most of my generation but that is a topic for another debate.
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