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Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
RIP soldier, you will be missed by all. I hadn't really thought along the tinfoil hat lines like you guys, but it did get the wheels turning.

Not funny. Feel free to suicide yourself, I'll see to it that no armed veterans get in your way.

Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
As much as I hate to even dignify your ignorance with a response, I will. No ignorance in telling someone to kill themselves for not agreeing with you. Shootings happen and will continue to happen no matter what.Agreed Crazy people can and will get guns(and countless other weapons), I'm 100% sure that when you sell a long gun you verify the buyer isn't a felon.and will use them to do bad things. Criminals/murderers don't care about laws telling them they can't have a gun a certain place, they're already planning to break the law. Why would another law stop them?Again I agree and I do find the "Gun free zones" stupid, very much like "drug free zones" However I don't think that GFZ is actually supposed to stop guns from being there, and those that do are in a fantasy world. All it does is take the protection away from those of us who follow the law, not those who break it. So yes, in many situations, a responsible armed citizen or soldier can and will prevent or minimize gun related violence. Sadly, this was not one of those cases. Nobody is claiming it's foolproof or 100% effective. Please either get your head out of your ass or at least save your ignorant agenda for somewhere else. This thread is to honor a fallen hero, please keep it that way.
You think it's honoring his memory to repeatedly say his own country killed him or is covering up what happened? I have multiple family members and friends who have served and have respect for what they do and have done. Also I'm not anti gun at all, I've had firearms since I was quite young and hunted my whole life.
Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
Broken jar in butt = Nature's way if dealing with the stupid.
Originally Posted by SweetLeah View Post
Seems that 1/2 these people need to use periods and the other half need to get off their periods.

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