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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post

Pleast don't tell me you believe in that argument.

Oh, not at all; just your pre-emptive attacks on anyone that doesn't agree with your viewpoint.

As far as the lawsuit and what it entails; I believe that if you, I, Mayfield, or John Q. Public's fingerprints turned up at a terrorist bombing site we would all be treated in the same way. This turned out to be a huge clusterfuck and Mayfield is very lucky that the print was discovered to be false match.

On one hand, it is frightening that you can be detained and your life rummaged through based on this mistake.

On the other, the system did work, and he is free to collect his 2 million dollars. I think there is more to the story (of course) and that he was probably a suspect long before anything ever happened. I do not know enough of Mr. Mayfield to form an opinion if it was profiling or not. It is clear that the government realizes it made a mistake and is trying to put this behind them.
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