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Originally Posted by jamiesann View Post
you would be surprised. There are clueless lawyers out there. Just cause someone is a lawyer or doctor does not in and of itself make them smart. As evidenced by his mis use or mis understanding of the word warrant. I know lots of folks that have been arrested and not one time was a warrant involved. Nore is it needed. Warrant, arrests, and patriot act are not an issue. You could get arrested pre patriot act for hundreds of things with out a warrant, they never need a warrant to arrest you. I think this guy is a lawyer from an online university he is a jackass.

i didnt mean this one but crooks and liars you post from so often
What are you talking about? He was complaing about his shit getting searched without a warrent. Not being arrested without a warrent and well becasue he was Muslim and being profiled.
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