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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
Here it is in a nutshell.. people need to be responsible for their own actions.
here it is in another nutshell, people need to start to realize life hurts, you can't save everyone, not everything is fair, not everyone is worth saving, feelings get hurt, shit happens, puppies die, people die, adopting pets is cool but you can't save them all, helping mentals is nice and all but at what cost, who should we save, when are we gonna start drawing lines in the sand, death penalties would probably deter a lot of this shit, more laws isn't better, eye for an eye wasn't so bad, golden rule is a good one, public stonings are cool, court of appeals is abused, peoples feelings are taken into consideration too often, I love mr. green, participation trophies are fucking lame, life hurts wear a helmet.
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