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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
"I look forward to the day the Patriot Act is declared unconstitutional, and all citizens are safe from unwarranted arrest and searches by the federal government," Mayfield said in a statement..
uhhh pre patriot act no one was free from "unwarranted arrest", cops or any state or federal agents for that matter NEVER needed a warrant to arrest someone. Thats laughable. Does mayfield even know what a warrant is ? Anyone can get arrested and held for 48 hours cause the cop says you fit a discrition of some wanted individual.

Also debatable is the ability of local cops to search your car with out probable cause, i know they are SUPPOSED to get a warrant but they do not always. Never happened to me but to friends and relatives. I dont like the idea of any AMERICANS home getting searched with out a warrant. A warrant i dont think is that hard to get, usually..... since a cop can get one over the phone and delay your evening if he feels like being a dick, how much harder can it be for the feds?

Was this Mayfield a american sova i didnt see that in the story.
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