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Originally Posted by BigBird View Post
Agreed... I wouldn't want to insult the seller by pulling the whole thing down in front of him. Think if you were a respectable seller, and some guy didn't take you on your word and started ripping shit apart in your driveway... Doesn't seem that realistic to even pull the cover when the guy seemed like an above board seller and he had already stated that he had "pulled the cover" to find out what locker was in it...
Are you kidding me?

I had a member of this board come look at my truck, asked me if I minded if he pulled a few things to look at the turbo, look at this, look at that. He brought his brother in law mechanic with him.

I had nothing to hide, I said feel free, It wasn't major surgery, what's the big deal? After looking at those things he offered a trade (a fair one that I just couldn't make happen). No harm, no foul.

An axle laying in the garage? You have 2 bad i-traders for bad communication and mis-representing an engine? What's the harm in popping the cover before I leave? You won't let me? Fine, you have something to hide. You don't mind if I do, then I may not even pull it and take your word.....
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