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Originally Posted by muddinman56 View Post
humm maybe i will find a set of vortec heads and just port and polish them and throw them on.
iv been wanting to do headers but i dont wanna break any bolts off in my head but new heads no worries.
i didnt think a throttle body spacer really did any thing lol what thick ness should i get?

looks like i have more crap to do to it now

the main thing i wanna do right now is i need the rear end rebuilt at least it seams like i should.
i think it would be good to go to 3.73 gears seams like it dosent like to tow very well and kinda makes me mad
Headers, yes, definitly on a TBI; the only real way to know if the bolts will come out easily is to just go ahead and do it lol. And you should be able to find a set of vortec heads for a couple hundered bucks or less. I would not do a throttle body spacer, I don't see how it would help. More time for the fuel and air to seperate which equals less power; but to each his own. If you do, then the standard i think is 1".

My truck seems to tow great for it only being a 1/2 ton. I've towed 9,000 lbs at 55 just fine. My guess would be that it's your transmission more than the axle. Though I've always been aiming to swap out the 10 bolt for a 14 bolt sf, same gear ratio though. just a stronger axle in general.
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