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Originally Posted by muddinman56 View Post
i have a stock distributor but i have a msd rotor cap wires and e3 plugs and msd ignition
got most of it at autozone the rest on summit
i also have 3inch exhaust and a flowmaster series 10 the widdle guy
i feel like i lost some power when i put this on but i have a little exhaust leak i need to fix tho

im trying to do the same thing u are get better mpgs and some horse power while im at it
but mines tbi not vortek
I have a flowmaster 50 series dual in/out 2.5", love the sound but I didn't really notice much of an improvement, it just seemed to breath a little better. I have e3 plugs as well, with 8.5mm wires, stock rotor/dist and ignition.

My old TBI was pretty easy to squeaze some extra power and mpg out of. The easiest thing to do is pick up a set of vortec heads and swap them out for your stock ones; they're complete bolt on and will give you about 15 more hp, and maybe 1-2 mpg depedning on how you drive. The other thing I did was put an aftermarket throttle body on, that with your exhaust, maybe throw a set of headers on and you'll at least make as much power as a vortec setup. I was making about 240-250 when all was said and done. stock a TBI will make about 210-220. You can't chip the 'ol TBI cause it's not OBDII, but you can look into getting a new pcm with a tune already installed

....yea, i learned alot about a TBI lol but I don't know much about easy to do upgrades to a vortec aside from the already mentioned tuner and real air intake, possibly headers
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