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Originally Posted by Suta99 View Post
I don't understand people who say the phrase "I sold it way below what it was worth. If I get a deal I will pass it on" if you sell a car that is worth 12k for 8k and you think you seriously could have got closer to 12k but you let it go "to be nice" your an idiot. (We already know your an idiot) I bought a tj this summer for 1200 did brake lines and sway bar links and it now is very nice. I have about 1300 into it and could probably list it in the 4500 range. To sell it for 1500 to "pass on the deal" would be the dumbest this I could ever do. What I think you meant to say was that you thought the car was worth more than it actually was since value is dictated solely on what people are willing to pay for it.
or, what he meant is in fact that he sold it for less than what it was worth.

not everyone likes to fukc around with elventy billion craigslist retards trying to screw them over, so they price a car ultra competitively or even on the low side to get quick interest and get rid of it quickly (but perhaps still marginally higher than the dealer would have given them on trade-in)

part of consummating a "market value transaction" includes the proper marketing time / exposure to the open market. at times I dont' give a fukc about such things as I want it out of the driveway or garage quickly.

I had 6 e-mails, and at least a dozen phone calls after I dumped my YJ a few years ago for "less than what it was worth". At the time, the extra grand or so I could have gotten by dragging the sale out was not worth the headache with the hours I was working coupled with time away from family for school, etc.
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