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Originally Posted by grandcherokee View Post
You can go to your local Circuit court and buy a packet to do it yourself ..Not too sure if its a set price..but I think $150.00 you will need to make 4 copies so make sure you have a copier handy because the courts will charge up the butt to make them..they usually give you the # for legal aid to help you out. You will also have to send her a copy by certified mail... But by all means listen to all of the sideline Attorneys / legal experts on here !
This is the route my ex wife and I went. Though she ended up hiring an attorney to make sure we filled out the paperwork properly, but we agreed on everything so it was pretty easy.

If you can get your wife to agree to the terms of your divorce there is no need for expensive attorneys.

If you can't agree, then you will have to's pretty much that simple.

Also, it's not common for the attorney's to instigate some disagreement so they can make some more $$ so choose wisely, or just choose one attorney to rep you both
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