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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
Depends a lot of the vehicle specifics, brand and year, mostly.

In say a 2006 Chevy 1500, the brakes are 12" diameter, and then later in the ~2008+ they went to 13" rotors. The 3/4 tons were already at 13", and then stepped up larger later on.

But there are a other 1/2 tons that are already using 13.7" rotors on the half tons. Not bashing chevy, but Chevy 1/2 tons seem to be the lightest duty of the half tons (except in the vortec max heavy halfs). Smallest engine, lightest rear axle, smallest brakes, etc. Regardless of which truck, the newer they are, generally the better the brakes. I know we've had a few of these posts in the past. I've always stated that my 09 F150 easily outbrakes either of my dodge 3/4 tons (96 and 00) with a trailer load.

I have known several people with them for towing basic jeep loads, and have all seemed to be happy with them. You just need to let the 5.3 rev a little. I think the 6.0s also need gears/revs. The newer ones are better than the first of them with LQ4s. I have 3 friends using 8.1s and all like them a lot better then the 6.0s. Mileage doesn't seem different between the two. (Thats been my experience in the heavy trucks. Dodge V10s and 5.9s in large 3/4s were about the same, and 5.4 vs 6.8s in the ford super duties also the same)

If its mostly towing, then MPGs will be close on all of them. Unloaded, the 1/2 ton will be a bunch better, and feel lighter and faster usually.

MPGs is also going to depend a lot on your speed. 12mpg @ 65 mph, and you'll see that drop down to 9mpg @ 80 mph.

I would see what you can find in a nice 8.1L 3/4 ton.
I agree with everything you said.....I want to try and find a decent 8.1L truck. or a 5.3l in a half ton. Also FWIW if you think your 09 F150 brakes good, the 2010 is considerably better as they changed calipers, rotor size, and beefed up rear brakes considerably. If money were no issue I would get a newer half ton, but unfortunatley I cant.
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