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Originally Posted by Just a Spouse View Post
So, we've been shopping around to buy a couple hand guns. I cannot believe how store after store is picked clean.

I wanted to rent a gun to test out what I'd want to buy at the local indoor range, and all you can rent are .40-.45 because that is all they have ammo for. (This gun range will only rent you guns if you buy ammo from them)

I never went gun shopping when Clinton was president, so tell me was it like this then? Not only are there no guns, but no ammo.

Inventories are so low, I'm thinking it has to be hurting the small gun shops, makes sense to me if there is no inventory, there are no sales and no profilts. That can't be good.

This reminds me of the oil embargo back in the 70's when there were huge lines for gas and stores running out of toilet paper. Crazy!
Yes it was like this when clinton was president, only on a slightly smaller scale. With less 24hr news and less access to conspiracy theorists, only people who went looking for that shit found it.

Now every idiot with internet access thinks they are a freedom fighter and that they SEE THE TRUTH mannnnnnnn.

When the Clinton ban was in the news stores were sold out of everything besides shotgun, .22LR, and obscure high caliber shit. And it was weeks before some stuff made it back to the shelves
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