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Originally Posted by mxmoto198 View Post
Let me clarify this a little more, I no longer live in holt, I live in Bellevue, which is in eaton county. The meter is on the front of the house. The reason they stormed the house no questions asked is because Zeus is a pit and the reader told them that I refused to let him do his job and i told zeus to attack and would not call him off. The Sargent told me that they consider any dog told to attack a deadly weapon and respond to it as that and that my dog had actually bitten him, and it did not matter if he was in his cage or not because I should have had complete control of him. I wasn't let out on bail or bond or pr bond. I was just free to go because there was no evidence of a bite on him. I took a copy of the police report to the local Bellevue police which i live just out of there jurisdiction, and asked there opinion of why this happened like that. The chief said that because he was a utility worker and I was an apparent threat to him as far as they knew, they are required to respond like that. He also said that because I would not give a statement to any of them ( right to remain silent) this might have irritated the officers.

I know consumers has expensive lawyers and I'll probably never get much from them, but more or less
My question is do I have a right to sue the police department, false arrest, police brutality, damages caused by there neglect. Or is it a civil suit where I need to take the employee to court for personal damages?

Also I know the arresting officer no longer works there and was let go after someone else had made several complaints of brutality and harassment.

I know this is a public forum and not the best place for this type of advice, but I want opinions on what you would do in this situation? Should I just drop it and let it go, and continue on with the charges of the guy on camera.

Also I can't post the video as of right now for legal purposes. But once is said and done I will.
Yellow quotes: So how the fukc long ago did this happen?

Red quotes: So you want to sue the city/police/officer because they were told you told a pit to attack a meter reader(a felony), you refused to respond to the charge(as is your right) and then after they investigated they realized you were innocent and released you?

It sounds to me the police did everything they were supposed to. If your wife/kid/family member was threatened wouldn't you want it investigated to the fullest extent and have the person who threatened detained instead of out and about?
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Seems that 1/2 these people need to use periods and the other half need to get off their periods.

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