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Let me clarify this a little more, I no longer live in holt, I live in Bellevue, which is in eaton county. The meter is on the front of the house. The reason they stormed the house no questions asked is because Zeus is a pit and the reader told them that I refused to let him do his job and i told zeus to attack and would not call him off. The Sargent told me that they consider any dog told to attack a deadly weapon and respond to it as that and that my dog had actually bitten him, and it did not matter if he was in his cage or not because I should have had complete control of him. I wasn't let out on bail or bond or pr bond. I was just free to go because there was no evidence of a bite on him. I took a copy of the police report to the local Bellevue police which i live just out of there jurisdiction, and asked there opinion of why this happened like that. The chief said that because he was a utility worker and I was an apparent threat to him as far as they knew, they are required to respond like that. He also said that because I would not give a statement to any of them ( right to remain silent) this might have irritated the officers.

I know consumers has expensive lawyers and I'll probably never get much from them, but more or less
My question is do I have a right to sue the police department, false arrest, police brutality, damages caused by there neglect. Or is it a civil suit where I need to take the employee to court for personal damages?

Also I know the arresting officer no longer works there and was let go after someone else had made several complaints of brutality and harassment.

I know this is a public forum and not the best place for this type of advice, but I want opinions on what you would do in this situation? Should I just drop it and let it go, and continue on with the charges of the guy on camera.

Also I can't post the video as of right now for legal purposes. But once is said and done I will.
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