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Originally Posted by mr crawl View Post
The ability to protect yourself is a natural, God given right and the Second Amendment secures that right from enfringement by the Federal Government.
Joe Biden and president Obama as well as our senators and representatives job is a privilege
not a right, and they are confused about the difference between the two. And I am appalled
that gun control is even a thought in their mind. Our freedoms have come at tremendous
expense that we have no way to repay. And the least we can do is respect our founding
fathers wishes and do everything in our power to keep the freedoms we enjoy. A good
start to this is to join the NRA, call or e-mail your representative and congressmen and
remind them of the difference between a right and a priviledge. Thank you.

Here is some history of what happened to other countries that passed gun control. It may
seem extreme and I pray that it never happens here. But those that would trade their
freedom for security don't deserve either.

Whether you agree or not, it's an interesting lesson in history. Something to think about...
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