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Originally Posted by wadey View Post
Have you tried anything like a massage therapist or chiropractor to see of they could "fix" you? Or is it past that?
I actually have a chiropractor that I trust quite well, I haven't seen him yet for my shoulder, it's a consideration though currently.

Originally Posted by curbdog17 View Post
physical therapy should be your first choice, I would definitely try to avoid surgery.
I've done over 6 months of physical therapy in the last 2 years.

The PT always makes it feel better initially, but to be honest I haven't been exactly pleased with the results of the physical therapy, nor the aggressiveness in which they have treated the shoulder. This is why I would like to see a shoulder specialist and discuss therapy/options with someone other than my general doctor.

I would like to avoid surgery at all costs, which is why I have tried PT multiple different times. The "pain" seems to roam around to different areas all through the shoulder.

This all stemmed from an injury back in 2003.


About 2 years ago it was rotator cuff related (according to doc and PT), after PT it felt better, but then I had neck/back pain on that same side. The shoulder itself also never felt 100%. But it was better, so I dealt with it.

The next time I couldn't stand the pain it was in the trap and shoulder blade area. PT with teh same results, better, but not 100%

The next time it was back in the shoulder joint itself, but more of an AC joint issue. Again, PT with the same results, better but not 100%.

I just finished PT again on December 31st. This last time I had a horrible knot in my back between my shoulder blade and spine, AC joint pain, along with the standard Rotator Cuff pain. For the first two weeks of january I felt pretty good, thought maybe i'd be good to go. Then the very back of the shoulder Delt, tricep, lat area has gone to shit.

So, like I said, I'd like to see a Dr. who specializes in sports medicine/shoulders so my left arm can become functional again.
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