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Just a heads up- with enough support, the Second Amendment can be repealed.

Can Obie muster the support? Unlikely. But the 2A is not etched in stoned, the left knows this and will continue in their efforts to remove it.

Screaming 'It's a God given right!' and proclaiming that firearms will need to be forcibly removed from deceased hands does not endear gun owners to the members of the public that are ambivalent about 2A rights.

A better approach would be emphasizing the family aspects of sport shooting, even perhaps downplaying hunting a bit.

Invite a non gun owner to the range to do some target shooting. A half hour later you will have a 2A supporter.

Show people that guns aren't all about killing. Let them see that the level of calm one must have to hit a bullseye at 100 yards will give you control over yourself that you did not know you possess.

I, for one, find that target shooting is a very relaxing hobby, and not because you are projecting your anger on the target. It's more of a zen like state of concentration.
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