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Just for the hell of it, I took my .38 and a stopwatch out.

I put 5 rounds in my pocket, loose.

I start the timer, open the revolver and empty it, pull the 5 rounds out of my pocket and reload the .38, then stop the timer.

First try- 16.5 seconds.

Think about that.

Let's say Feinstein's bill passes in all it's glory, the public is disarmed and all is good. You can only get small caliber revolvers and single shot 'sporting rifles'.

Say someone goes to shoot up the public and can only acquire a revolver.

Once he starts shooting, all the unarmed people will be running away or running for cover. (Remember, he can only get a revolver because the Feinstein bill passed and no one can carry a weapon anymore)

In 16.5 seconds, someone would have to determine that the shooter has stopped firing because he is out of ammo, has no second gun to shoot, and may or may not be reloading.

Who will take the risk of getting shot to 'rush' him and stop him from shooting more?
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