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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post

I know you think you're a badass, and nobody is gonna tell you what to do, but odds are, you;d probably be the first one to grab your ankles and take it. Again, don't think I'm a badass. And I never said I won't grab my ankles, but I guarantee it won't be without a considerable fight first

It's cool though, you can act tough on the internet, nobody will shoot you.

Add fuel to the misinformation? Where did I state anything as fact? You didn't to best of my knowledge state anything as fact. I meant the not giving up on remarks about me shooting a door to door salesman I simply said you wouldn't light up the guy that knocked on your door to take your gun, odds are, I'm right, but you claim you'll do it. I'd like to see it. I don't honestly have the slightest what I could or couldn't do in that situation. I hope I never have to find out. I do know that I would make the news lol. I feel very strongly about this. Problem is the people doing the theoretical collection aren't the ones causing the problems. Therein lies the problem. Now if they were to send BO to do the collection?... easy decision.

You can call me an armchair quarterback all you want, but chances are you're just a typical west branch sister fucker shooting off at the keyboard.
I CERTAINLY don't defend the mentality of this town However I'm only living here currently. Not from here but I do enjoy the surrounding wilderness. I'm also quite certain I won't be here in a couple years. Regardless you finally got why I called you hood rat. It's was my attempt at a comparable stereotype. I've laughed all the way back to another wheeling website (years ago) when you would make that stereotype about others in this town (whom I've never met/don't know) while you would speak of coming up here to spend your $ wheeling. Can't be that bad to you Regardless, as I've said before you're entitled to your opinion as am I. No hard feelings
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