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Default government sponsored

Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
Your article was interesting. I wonder how long the ban would stand before it was overturned? I actually wonder what the numbers are for people who want gun control vs the number who don't want it? I don't have any friends that want it but out in public I hear people say that we should have it sometimes. Last week I was at the doctors office and some hilljack in walled lake was having a shootout with police. A bunch of people at the office said things like people don't need guns and guns cause the problems.
I also wonder how many things like the shootout above are government sponsored to sway public opinion?
Do the ends justify the means?
Some would say you are a conspiracy theorist,
I would say back, do you believe the CIA has the ability to manipulate some one’s mind given time and influence, if they then released them in to public as an operative. We have supplanted operatives into foreign countries for many years, and infiltrated terrorist cells and foreign governments.
Infiltrating an elementary school along with the associated press and Reuters, would just be too damn hard for our government, it just could not happen.
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