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Originally Posted by rentalrider View Post
Kickstand...I know you think you are funny but you are not. At least not to me and most likely any others who perceive this situation as a threat. You are a small example of what is wrong with our current situation. Armchair quarterback, professional wannabe. You don't have a rig but you troll a wheeling website knowing more than everyone... about everything. Frankly you don't entertain me in the least. I find you immature and ignorant of life. Now, if you wake up and realize you are a douche and change, cool. I was an arrogant child once too. Most of us grow up however and while I don't know how old you are (I don't believe we've ever met) I'm assuming you are of age to start doing just this. Until then I would really appreciate it if you would simply stfu on the topic so as to not add fuel to a fire of mis-information.

I know you think you're a badass, and nobody is gonna tell you what to do, but odds are, you;d probably be the first one to grab your ankles and take it.

It's cool though, you can act tough on the internet, nobody will shoot you.

Add fuel to the misinformation? Where did I state anything as fact? I simply said you wouldn't light up the guy that knocked on your door to take your gun, odds are, I'm right, but you claim you'll do it. I'd like to see it.

You can call me an armchair quarterback all you want, but chances are you're just a typical west branch sister fucker shooting off at the keyboard.
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