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Originally Posted by oz97tj View Post
And you missed my point where I was stating people will stand up for what they believe in which is like you believing in protecting your son.
Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I didn't miss your point at all, I just pointed out that comparing the right to own a gun and the protection of your children are two completely different things I wouldn't expect someone who doesn't have kids to understand. It's a ridiculous comparison.
I have kids and have to somewhat disagree with that being a ridiculous comparison. Life and liberty go hand in hand, the main reason I bought my firearms years ago was to protect my children so I feel taking away my weapons limits my ability to guard them safely, putting them in jeopardy.

While I agree it's not rational to just open fire on the guy coming to get your guns, somehow at some point the people have to stand up. If the government no longer fears it's citizens then it's a short road to full blown tyranny. Once we're there they'll be no safety for our children, it won't be safe for anyone.
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