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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
I'm no expert in Krav Maga. I just simply train in it.

What questions did you ask me? All I saw was mocking and personal attacks.

I know what my answer is, I'm just curious what you think other answers are. I will not try to prove you wrong, or argue your opinion. I'm just simply asking. Apparently answering a simple question is beyond your capabilities. My mistake for trying to engage in a civil debate with you. I have forgotten once again that it is impossible.
LOL, yeah, you're not being sarcastic at all, or resorting to personal attacks.

You know the answers, she can use some sort of self defense mechanism, she can whack the guy over the head, use a tazer, run, flee, kick him the balls, stab him, etc.

I know, she can only do those things if she can reach her knife, a vase, or something to hit him with......the exact same as with a gun.

The gun does you know good if you're in the kitchen, the guns in the bedroom and the intruder corners you better have a backplan, .... lemme guess, none of that matters because you'll always have your gun ready right?
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