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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
I'm not trying to be a sarcastic, facetious, or argumentative. I'm asking you a serious question.

She's cornered in her house by someone willing to do her harm. What is she supposed to do?

She's fucked, she doesn't have her gun because its across the room in a drawer, and we all know the only way to protect oneself is with a gun. Right?

You are trying to be sarcastic, you are trying to be facetious, and you are trying to be argumentative.

Come on, you're a tough guy right? You do Krav Maga, and you've got lethal hand to hand combat skills....but I forgot, girls can't fight for themselves.

They can't do anything to protect themselves with out a gun right?

I guess the only thing she can do is hope and pray she can get to her gun before her attacker does, or wish she had it on her person, or, if she is anything like big bertha she could probably flash her cunt at him and scare him away?......
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