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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
what would you do if someone you didn't know or trust had the right to search your house for a reason you do not believe in?

no, I wouldn't shoot him. But at that point I would no problem protecting my rights and my property, until I was restrained.
I would be pretty damned upset, just the same as you would be.

But what are you going to do? At that point it is too late....unless you really are willing to die for the cause.

Like you say, you don't know them, and they have the right or are ordered to search your house. What are your choices? They are probably armed, in government uniform of some sort, they are probably multiple people, and your wife and children are standing behind you in the house. Do you stay with your family and give them your guns hoping to find a way to get them back, or do you open fire and kill them in front of your family, or possibly get shot yourself?

Or do you lie and hope they move on to the next house?

All hypothetical of course, I hope that gun owners can unite and fight the fight on "their" turf before it gets to a door to door collecting of our guns....
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