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Originally Posted by 8PTBUCK View Post
I respect Bundys stance on the issue. I personally don't think there will be any gun violence in an offroad park. Seems like it's a pretty tight community and everybody SEEMS all there. If you carry everywhere, maybe in your vehicle and not on you, why not be able to keep it in a locked vehicle in the parking lot? Like previously stated, you never know what is going to happen on your way to the park. ie: stop for gas and get robbed at gunpoint? Anything can happen. So having to leave your pistol at home for a day trip to Bundy? Hmm I don't know about that one.

It's like my mama always says, ''better safe than-than sorry''
Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
There are all sorts of these discussions on the gun forums. disclaimer; I have no legal expertise.
If you feel the need to carry to and from a location, then do so. If you are going to a place that does not want weapons on their property, you have a few options.
1) you comply
2) don't comply. In reality, they can't press charges, they can only ask you to leave. If you refuse to leave, then they can press charges.
3) Convert to transport mode and lock your weapon, unloaded out of site.
4) Leave it locked in transport mode in your tow rig, if you have one.
5) Keep your mouth shut and don't ask these types of questions on an open forum.

Personally, I feel that if a person feels they have the need to carry while in transit, it would be nice if a place of business like BH would changed their policy to "no loaded firearms". Then a person could unload, lock up and be fine.

Do I carry all the time? No, probably less than 50% of the time. Do I like to carry when away from home where being broken down could land me in an uncomfortable situation? Yes.
Originally Posted by knaffie View Post
Keep your gun with you, keep it out of sight, keep your mouth shut. Everybody is happy.
Originally Posted by amc78cj7 View Post
Actual quotes from the OP.

If I owned Bundy Hill I would ban this a-hole for advocating carrying a gun at an organization that has clearly posted the rules.
Call these people names and ask for them to be banned also. Or are you one of those people who ignore facts and evidence that may make you unpopular? Do you have a back bone? What do you think of Jim's response? He is a well liked person here who always contributes to the good of the sport an forum. Call him out, show your ignorance little boy.
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