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Unhappy 99 chevy tracker no spark no fuel at plug

First I want to apologize for the lengthy post. My son has a 99 chevy tracker with the small 4cyl (not the 2.0) and a manual transmission that we picked up last spring. It doesn't get driven much as he's not yet 16. It was last run 3-4 weeks ago. It was run VERY low on fuel before it sat (why he sat it). *yes, he now knows the dangers in this even if it's not the issue* Put dry gas in, some fresh fuel and tried to start. Had to jump start and couldn't get to fire. Pushed into garage and let sit with heat all day and charger on. Still won't fire. Turns over well. Plug appears perfectly dry AND doesn't seem to be getting spark (testing only with holding out of pocket and grounding, not with a fancy test). Both going bad at once? It has 2 coil on plug systems, one was fresh when we bought it as previous owner (friend) fixed a misfire. I was thinking fuel delivery for dry plug BUT loosening the banjo bolt and turning key pumps fuel out at bolt (on fuel rail as this engine doesn't to best of my knowledge have the schraeter valve). SOOOO... I'm planning on picking up a NOID light tomorrow if I can find one to test injectors. But I believe both spark and fuel delivery at injectors has been electrically cut off. I don't want to throw parts at this as he simply can't afford to waste $ (and neither can I). Anyone have any ideas?
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