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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
And you don't understand how anecdotal evidence is just that, evidence. You can't completly discredit my argument simply by saying it isn't true because I have observed it. In fact, many have observed this behavior because it is part of the human condition. Now if you want to go get your big boy pants on and debate this topic intellegently, I'm game. Before you come back, make sure you understand the difference between a hypothesis, theory, and a fact. Without that understanding I might as well debate this subject with my dog.

As far as "voting with your wallet", I support that, however, there is no reason to get "butthurt" about the owner of a private property making any rule they desire. The owner of the property has made a calculated decision about the No Gun rule and how it will effect his revenue stream. They have decided that any loss of revenue from the rule will be made up by not suffering losses due to poor firearms discipline or worse. If a person is that concerned about being assulted at an offroad park that they MUST carry a gun, it is probably in their best interest to avoid park of concern all together (a win/win for all involved).
And all evidence is created equal.... Riiiigt.

I can't debate someone who clearly made a hasty generalization about firearm owners and then proceeded to justify it by saying its a personal opinion and observation. Jeezus man, look up confirmation bias.

Back to your previously scheduled programming, I'm done teaching logic for the day. Although I didn't get to my lecture on validity, soundness, and cogency, which is really quite compelling if I do say so myself.

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