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Default Lefties lying about wanting to protect our children.

OK people, this needs to be said:

The push by the Left for new gun laws has absolutely NOTHING to do with them wanting to protect our children or stopping gun violence. If they were so concerned with protecting our children and stopping another Sandy Hook, they would be more open to other solutions in addition to gun control.

They should WANT to protect our children with ALL means possible. They should WANT guards in schools, but the furiously oppose them, even though they have no problem with armed guards in banks where they keep their money, guards in stores where they shop, guards at sporting events and concerts they attend, guards at the side of the politicians and celebrities they adore, and most other places where security is a concern. But absolutely NOT in schools. To them, this is not an option.

I heard someone from the Left the other day argue that it would cost too much to put guards in schools. Which astounded me because A: no cost should be too high to protect our children, and B: $16 trillion in national debt is no problem, but the cost of guarding or schools apparently is.

They refuse to accept the problems this country has with mental illness of it's citizens, out of fear of hurting the feelings of people who have the problems. PC BS strikes again. When the word got out that the Sandy Hook shooter might have had Asberger's, the Asberger people immediately cried foul. So they avoid the mental health problem completely because they don't want to offend anybody. To them, addressing mental health is not an option.

But alas, their ONLY solution is gun control. No other option is acceptable to them.

Because their ultimate goal is NOT to protect our children, as they want you to believe; it IS to ultimately disarm us by any means possible. The far Left has ALWAYS been strictly anti -gun, and they are using Sandy Hook as a perfect opportunity to accomplish their ultimate goal. They have no concern or respect at all for the 999.99% of responsible, law abiding gun owners, or the constitution. They wish to deny us our right to defend ourselves to satisfy their hated of guns. A new gun ban will come, and when that one doesn't work, another. And another, and another. Until total disarmament is their only solution left. All they while lying to all of us when proclaiming their wish to protect our children. If they truly DID want to protect them, then ALL options would be on the table. But alas, only one is: more gun laws, and if they have their way, ultimately totally disarming us all.

Don't believe their lies.

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