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Originally Posted by Jiveturkey3 View Post
Why are you so upset? If you read my post you would know I said its their right. You must have some interest in the park to be upset. I can post it here I don't believe that is in violation of the rules yet. Also how do you know what conversations I have had or have not had with the park? Assumption? If someone post about a bad transaction it's ok? Isn't that the business owners choice? Who is someone to question slow shipping?
Im not upset by anymeans. Yes I guess we both assumed, I assumed if you already talked to the owner and had the answer as to why they dont want guns on their property than you would not start a thread looking to find the answer. And in return you have assumed I have some interest in the park well to fill you in, I have absolutely no interest in the park, I have never even been there.. I just dont think it is that redicoulus for a gravel pit to have a sign not allowing firearms... its not like its the local coffee shop. Its an outdoor piece of land and they are typically known to have tresspassers disharge their weapons for target practice. IT does not mean they dont support the 2nd amendment... (which I have no idea of their stand, just another assumtion)

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