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Originally Posted by trailrail302 View Post
ITs not singling out CPL holders it says no firearms period it has nothing to do with a legal CPL holder, they dont want any guns on the property.. again being that its a gravel pit and people for centuries have used gravel pits as target ranges common sence tells me that they have had or still have isssues with people going out there and shooting... The sign is to post that they dont want any firearms on their property... This thread is stupid its their right and their rule get over it.. they dont need to explain shit to anyone on why! Maybe if you want a real answer you should ask the business owner instead of posting it here.
Why are you so upset? If you read my post you would know I said its their right. You must have some interest in the park to be upset. I can post it here I don't believe that is in violation of the rules yet. Also how do you know what conversations I have had or have not had with the park? Assumption? If someone post about a bad transaction it's ok? Isn't that the business owners choice? Who is someone to question slow shipping?
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