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Originally Posted by Ebs View Post
Odds for who?

Are your odds of being murdered the same in Detroit as they are in Fenton?

Are your odds of dying on a bicycle the same if you race downhill as they are if you only have a beach cruiser you ride once every five years?

I'm not sure if you took any statistics classes either. If you did you'd know that often they're generalized to the point of being inapplicable to the individual, and are arguably flawed on a large scale.

What are the odds of a police officer firing their weapon in the line of duty? Is it just as ridiculous they carry one everyday?

I know you're not against people carrying, but you have to accept some just put great enough value and can rationalize doing so everyday. I'm not one of those...and I really don't know if my spare tire has air in it, or if I have the tools to change one, I have AAA.
I bet the odds of dying while racing downhill are a bit higher than 1 in 4000

at like $75 a year how can you not have Tripple AA for flats?

I agree with your analysis on the stats, I don't care if people carry, but I think we can both agree bundy hill isn't detroit.
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