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Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
Im looking to pick up a truck ($5k-$8k range) to tow the boat, and use for hunting and what not. Not looking for a DD. Im trying to get feedback on towing a 6k lb boat setup. I would like to get a diesel but dont want to spend the money on one. How do the 5.3Ls do for towing? I hear unloaded the 5.3ls do pretty good on fuel, but how would it do for hauling? My in laws have a 04 Denaili yukon and we pulled the boat last year and it pulled awesome, I was pretty impressed with it. Fuel mileage wasnt bad with it either. Should I expect the same performance out of a 2500HD with a 6.0L?
I've had 3 5.3 liter trucks. two were the 07 newer style and one was an 01.

My 01 (extended cab Z71) I "think" had 3.42's it towed my 24 foot boat just fine in 3rd gear. I used OD from time to time but it just hunted too much. My boat was around 2500lbs rigged out with a motor my trailer another 1,000, then fuel gear and misc. I always figured I was around 4500 lbs. I never weighed it. towing I usually got 10-13 mpg or so. I also towed a few jeeps with this truck which were heavier than my boat and less aerodynamic and they were fine. Unloaded day to day driving this truck got 17 mpg but I did a lot of highway. Sold this truck with 185k on it, only troubles I ever had were an o2 sensor.

My 07 was 4 speed 3.73 gears towed a bit better, was a crew cab and had active fuel management. It got the same mileage towing my boat 8 towing a jeep (yj on 36's with an 8.8 and cage not overly heavy on a 16 ft hauler 6k pounds total or so?), 18 mpg day to day driving and I pulled just over 20 mpg highway a time or two.

Only towed the with the newer truck once. I now have an 09 crew cab, 3.42 gears, 6 speed trans. It tows a lot better than the 07, still gets 8 mpg towing. I towed a one ton handicapped van on a pretty burly car hauler. Thinking fairly close to 8k pounds? Not sure to be honest just making a guess. Other than the van catching a lot of wind and swaying a lot on the trailer it was fine.

I wouldn't be concerned with towing a 6k boat. Yes it would be a lot nicer behind a diesel, but for the occasional tow the half ton with a 5.3 should be fine.

I've driven hosejockey's 6.0 and 8.1 trucks to tow with and they have a lot more power/torque than the 5.3, they are also 3/4 ton trucks so its almost like comapring the 5.3 to a diesel again. The 6.0 and 8.1 both have plenty of power.

Really the 1/2 ton chassis is the bigger limiting factor to the 5.3 than power is in my opinion.
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