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Originally Posted by tweak View Post
How many cords of wood would you say that you have been using on an average year?

I looked at doing this some time ago, but don't have close access to a good supply of wood. We are planning on purchasing land and building in the future and I would like to have some wooded acreage and utilize a Wood Boiler.
tough to say as I don't really count them...if I had to guess maybe 12-30 depending on the year and type of wood. I burn everything in that thing, seasoned or fresh cut.

Originally Posted by mhicks1017 View Post
I bought a Royal 7500 6 years ago when I bought my house. I heat 1800 square feet, and my wife likes it hot in the house (75). I installed mine by myself, and I only have 5000 into everything. I would say it's the best investment I made for my house. I load it twice a day, and burn whole logs, as long as I can fit them through the door. When it is below 20 degrees, I burn the most wood. I have never burned more than a face cord a week. I cut all of my own wood, and I have tons of farmers around me that beg me to clean out their fence rows.
$5000 won't even touch my stove!

Originally Posted by GearDrive View Post
Yes, I agree about the saving money thing. My wood is not free although I own 40 acres with woods I still pay $3500/yr in taxes. The fact that I'm more self sufficient, do some mild four wheeling to get thru the woods. and just being outside in my own woods that I worked my ass off to get is a great feeling and well worth it.
I'm right with you

Originally Posted by 92FleXj View Post
I have an addiction to chainsaws and splitters, wagons and tractors.. That's the real reason I do it.. (Don't tell my wife)
^^^best part about heating with wood!

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I keep telling hancho, if you can dedicate approximately 1/2 acre to growing hybrid poplar trees you can grow enough wood to keep your house heated.

Of course you will need a 1-2 year lead time to let the trees start to grow big enough to cut down.

THere is plenty of info out there, but the idea is start with 500 trees, wait until the base is 4" diameter, cut half the trees down and use for your first years firewood. Replenish those 250 trees.

Following that you shouldn't need to replenish often at all, but you will at least have the room to do so if you so choose. Obviously as the trees get longer and larger in diameter you will not have to take nearly as many of them down.

I grew up with a wood burner, and I am heating my house this winter with wood. It has saved me in two months approximately $75-85 each month. My heating costs previously were not high, but I like Hancho enjoy cutting up the wood, splitting, burning things, the exrercise I get from it, etc.

That said, If I had a bit more space between my house and my neighbors there would be zero question about it I would have an outdoor wood burner. I have shopped them and so far I am pretty sold on the central boiler that hancho has and the OP is considering. My next house will certainly have one.
I just don't want to do all that planting!
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