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Originally Posted by GearDrive View Post
I'm looking into purchasing an OWF. I'm done using the indoor woodstove after a couple chimney fires, plugged chimneys filling my house with smoke, going up on the roof at 3am in a snow storm to unplug it, the mess, the bugs, and the dented knotty pine boards in the hallway when the girlfriend brings wood in to fill it.

The Central Boiler Classic 5036 is top of my list currently. There is a dealer 3 miles from work, so it's convenient. I'll be heating a 1200 sq. ft house, DHW, and a 1200 sq ft garage on weekends.

What are your opinions on this brand?
What brand would you recommend?
How much wood are you using a season?
How often do you have to fill it?

I've been using wood heat for 25 yrs. now and figure I saved enough money to purchase one. Looking at about $10,000 installing it myself.

I have the Central Boiler 5036, I've been running it for the past five years. It works awesome. If you are used to burning wood then you know you are fooling yourself if you think you are saving money. Sourcing, cutting, splitting, stacking, filling all that wood takes time. But if you are like me which I assume you are because you already heat with wood, the work you have to put into it is worth it.

Now I have found my stove runs best using split 18" or so wood. You can put full logs into it, however, I found I use less wood by burning split. I fill it two to four times a day, depending. I never fill it completely full, I only fill the front half of the burn box and I won't always fill it to the top, just a few logs or so. Again this comes down to experimenting with wood usage. I have found I use less wood filling it more times a day, than stuffing it and filling it once a day.

Wood usage also comes down to how cold it is outside. When it dips down to the single digits it defiantly burns more wood than does when its warmer. I heat the hot water, a 3800 sq house, and a 1400 sq shop. I also have a pool heater hooked to it to use in the summer. Any questions feel free to ask, and yes I would buy a central boiler again.
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