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Originally Posted by mudrunner456 View Post
Ive towed with a truck similar to that. It was a 92 but still an older truck. It will get it done but it will not like it. Hopfully you have figured in the 5 mpg it will get while towing. But its definetly a good piece of mind while on the trail that u have a garenteed ride home.
I doubt it will be that bad. I haven't done the real math yet but by rounding numbers and a little guesstimating I know its getting close to 20 mpg with about 1000lbs in the bed.

Originally Posted by jroberts#77 View Post
i wouldnt let that wanky kid work on your vehical again. hes up to no good i tell you!
haha you gotta watch him

Originally Posted by 8PTBUCK View Post
My condolences Justin

Paint a #3 on the door of the new tow rig after you paint it black!
Thanks man and nope she's gona be a classy girl

Originally Posted by 974x4Taco View Post
Is the truck injected? Spent a lot of time towing with a 87 Chevy 2500 with an injected small block....with 4.10's it did fine....not as powerful or nice as the 2000 that replaced it but not bad.....fuel economy was basically a wash too.

Sucks about your blazer!
Yep its injected, I'm unsure of the gear ratio but it does have smaller than stock tires on it. The speedo reads 5 over so it has quite abit of extra gearing to it.

Originally Posted by GMKLR50 View Post
your tow cap. is about 8,000 lbs, with that set up, between a car trailer and your rig you will be pushing that limit, not to mention what you will be taking with you personally. Be carefull and drive slow and you should be fine, If it has a 700r4 tans do not put it in over drive ever towing.

Personally I would try to find a trailer that is as light as possible to help out, I dont know what the total weight between a 7500 and 10000 lbs trailer is but a couple hundered pounds will have a huge difference.

I have a 7500llbs trailer I know Im at my limit for both truck and trailer as I tow with a 1/2 ton, but its my presonal limit, I have a little wiggle room, my truck is much newer and trailer brakes make all the diffrence.
I'll be flirting with the weight no doubt about that. But not driving like a retard and having trailer brakes will keep me and everyone else safe. I haven't checked what tranny is yet but either way I'll stay away from od. The trailer is going to have to be a heavier one as the blazer wont fit on a 7000lb trailer and hopefully have brakes on both axles.
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