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Default For Sale: 1997 VW Jetta 2.0/Auto now $800

Ive had this car for a good 7 years, the past 3.5 or so its been in the garage with a bad distributor one year(fixed obviously) and in June of 2010 i hit a small tree with it causing some light front end damage... its fully repaired now has no battery but the starter clicks maybe it needs a new starter? im not sure, i just put all the fluids back in it the the other night and still have to put the front bumper back on it as well. It will need some paint and i think i stole the radio and speakers out of it for a jeep tho. anyways below is some old photos of it and the list of mods that is done to it!

transmission rebuilt at 91k with new everything and torque converter
new trans gear selector cable
new speedo cable
new cap, rotor, plugs and neuspeed wires
new starter
new distributor
mustang 16lb injectors
120 amp alternator
fuel pump was replaced when i bought it at 80k
BFI poly motor mount

suspension/anything that touches the 4 corners
60/40 cup kit with a cut spring in the front
new swaybar bushings
new ball joints
new hubs
new tierod ends
new front and rear wheel bearings
new halfshafts
new brakes, new master cylinder, new rear wheel cylinders, new calipers
recent alignment after the front end work was done <1000 miles.
VW mk2 bottlecap wheels with some 185 65 14's on em i believe...

painted black trim also have a set of stock grey
black leather, have the switch for heated seats just no wiring yet. 60/40 rearseat
stock black cluster is installed but it comes with a silver faced cluster as well if you want it..
newer black carpet with no stains or holes

red/orange tails that are murdered out
5% tint all around
blacked out and shaved emblems
antenna is removed because i was planning on putting a roof mounted shark fin on it

121,040 miles on the car and 28k on trans
ive ran premium in it since 80k and its never left me stranded

whats it need to be perfect?-
exhaust work, the pipe rusted out just after the cat and has no muffler
passenger front window motor
it has some rub marks on the passenger front fender and door, maybe a buffer could get em out?
a new windshield, its been royally f*ed up since i bought it and never been pulled over for it... Sven7 thought it was a form of artwork!
paint hood and driverside fender... a whole respray of flat black would look sick though.
airbag light has been on since i got it, and after the accident i removed both airbags and got a new airbag control module as well
timing belt has not been done yet, that wass high on my list of things to do if i started driving it again! supposed to be done between 125k-150k.


when i first got it, thats what she looked like...

That is what it looked like in the good ole days!!!

the 17's in those photos are no longer on the car nor is the roof rack, it will come with stock mk2 bottlecap wheels!, also the hood is gold still and the driverside fender is white. otherwise it looks the same after the accident, i will try to grab some photos of it tomorrow!!

Photos after the accident to show what all was replaced:

I have replaced the hood(even tho it didnt need it), driver side fender, upper and lower radiator support, the bumper and rebar, the styrofoam, both headlights, radiator, a/c condenser, VR lip, electronic fan, both airbags, airbag control module, steering wheel...

most recent photos as of 2/20

As far as price goes, Im looking to get $2000 NOW $800 as its almost complete, with a lil bit of paint, your set of wheels if your not a fan of the stockers, starter some exhaust work and a windshield youd have a great running dub for the years to come! just a lil work that could be done probably in a day or two over a weekend, i dont even think it needs more than 3-4 hours of work total on it (thats including replacing all the audio which takes forever!)

If you are interested in this Jetta at all, please PM me on here or email me at, thanks so much!!!

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