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Originally Posted by dmcjeep View Post
I remember those days. Not so much camping in the dunes as I am not sure that was OK but it might have been and I just do not remember but rideing around drinking beer and going ever direction I remember well. Standing in the back of the old jeep and hanging on to the roll bar for dear life. It was defineitely wild. Just got to busy over the years though and all good things had to come to an end. In those days where the cars park now off to side was where everyone parked. There was no big lot and the wait was still plenty long on holiday weekends but nothing like now days. That must make me about 60. If I remember correctly the first year I went there was 1969 but it might have been 1970. Had an old 1960 CJ 5 with the whooping ass 4 cylinder and farm implement tires. Than in 1973 I got a brand new CJ 5 with a 304 and that was a major difference. Went there about every other weekend for 3 or 4 years. Than it was even open in the winter if you could get in.
My first memories up there were on bmx bikes, before they made a bmx bike.Then I moved on to a honda atc 90. The trails of off fox road (the waiting line rd) were epic.
I almost died in the sand mine north of fox rd.
Now that I think about it the fires and camping were maybe not in legal areas, and it probobly never happened.

I couldnt have asked for a better place to spend my summers growing up.I worked at Tall Timbers camp ground which is now yogi bear. We were freinds with the guys that worked at craigs cruisers and felt like we owned the town. We let the older kids sneak in the camp ground in exchange for unlimited use of the go carts, arcade, and later paddle boats.

I remember meeting this kid named Paul one day when a freind and I were riding three wheelers around town. We saw johnny law coming so we took off, paul never got his suzuki ts started. We feared the worst but the next day when we saw him he explained that his dad was the mears sheriff. We had lots of talks with Pauls dad through the years.

We used to look forward to sunday afternoon to see what new girls were comming for a weeks vacation. A lot of girls would come up on friday for the weekend, but back then it could take days to get to second base. You couldnt afford to waste time on a girl leaving sunday morning.
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