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Originally Posted by BMFmike View Post
King pin, killer, for a good price nab it.

Um, no. That's the same axle in my Ram. Its not kingpin - its ball joint, unit bearing, and CAD (vac disco).

I would not buy it unless you are going to install it into a BR Ram to replace another of the same or to replace a 1500's D44. I have never broken anything on mine and its even still running the factory u-joints & ball joints, but the brake system is a known issue (calipers tend not to retract), the ABS sensors snap off really easily, the rotors are pressed onto the hubs (as opposed to slipping on over the hub/lugs), it has an odd spline count, the unit bearing assemblies are still expensive, and there is the potential for the CAD system to fail like in XJ's or YJ's (although mine still works after multiple prolonged submergings and general abuse). Detr6oit had a solid passenger-side shaft installed in his, which I will probably do when my CAD fails.

If you are going to spend money on a driver-drop front D60, buy what you really want the first time - a Ford HP. I will eventually replace mine with a Ford HP, but not until something catastrophic happens. I have been very happy with the performance of mine, but its not what I would buy if I was starting from scratch (unless it was really, really cheap). Sellers sometimes think they are made of gold, but they really only have significant value to someone that needs to replace an existing one.
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