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Originally Posted by XJsport95 View Post
Fuck the haters. This is your first build and its gonna be a little rough around the edges. But with that said its a LEARNING EXPERIENCE for him. Everyone needs to step back and look at their first build and I gaurentee it was a learning experience for you and a building block to make your next build/rig better than the last. My advise, build what's in your head. The only person you need to please is yourself and if you like it then nothing else matters
Rough around the edges is one thing, but ignoring sound advice and straying from convention(and safety) for the sake of being different is an entirely different story. I'm not one to bash somebody's first build just to be a dick, but that chassis looks like a straight up box of death to me at this point. Hopefully once finished it'll get some bracing, some major triangulation, and for God's sake some aesthetic appeal!! Function takes priority over form in this sport but so far I see neither. The concept on page 1 seems right but the execution looks scary.
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