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Well, I have been pretty busy, the Hummer is almost finished, I guess thats a relative comment.... is any project really ever finished... I listed it up for sale on Craigslist to fund a new project, I really made it too nice to go ripping through the trails with or covering it in mud... So, if someone wants to buy it I figured it will help offset the cost of a real military one that I can redo and paint in camo and just beat on.... So many scammers and dreamers that frequent craigslist I probably will end up keeping it rather than dealing with tire kickers and low ballers... I did have a Nigerian prince wanting to buy it... Ha Ha... So, We will see.... 35K is my asking price.

Today I was driving it and the front brake line decided to start leaking... that looks fun to replace all tucked up under the frame.

So, over the past few weeks I built some armor for the truck both the bed and the side rails under the truck.

The Hummer had the option of coming with a flat protector on it so I took some old ones (steel) and welded up some 1/4" to form sort of a trail edge that sticks out just as far as the mirrors do when they are folded in.

same on the back with the exception that I made one of the protectors have a door that locks to store a few things in... I am thinking that I will put my winch controller and a spiral air line in there.... nothing too expensive.... because it would not be too hard to pry that thing open.

I also picked up a CNC Plasma cutter, ready to rock... I strapped on my plasma cutter with a modified hand torch and cut a few things.... The Miller 701 lasted about a week... then the smoke escaped out of it.

I ordered a Hypertherm with a machine torch to fit in the machine better, I am still weeks away from drawing my own CAD or .DXF files in AutoCad or anything like that... I did down load some sweet rock rims/rim protectors/rim stiffeners that I will be cutting out and welding into my spare set of Hummer wheels.

Lots going on in the garage, I am sure I will slow down this Winter seeing how my garage isn't insulated.

I made a few You Tube Videos with a time lapse app on my Android, I thought it turned out pretty cool... The one unloading the plasma cutter sure makes me wish I had a little forklift.

I have big dreams of having a small fabrication shop for neat off road parts for the average blue collar worker, that translates into high quality stuff that does not leave you eating Top Ramen for weeks, just a few days!

I hope all of you guys and gals had a great Christmas and New Years.


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