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Originally Posted by Rattler View Post
To be honest, I think you will be happier with the 265s. Between the rubbing and less power the smaller are better I think. I am running @ "3.5 of lift and I still get some rubbing on my Tacoma. I could get spacers but I ma not a big fan of them and it would just make the fenders need trimming.

If you need a good budget tire, go with Treadwrights and tell the naysayers to f-off. I have had them for 4 years without a problem. Tough to beat 5 of them for $600. The wardens perform better than teh BFG ATs they copy. Go for the kedge-grip. I didn't but wish I did.

I wouldn't mess with coilspacers wither. They ride like shit and bottom out a lot. I would recommend the adjustable 5100 Bilsteins with some good springs (Eibachs or OME, thats what I got) with even just some blocks and/or AALs in the back. Yes, it may be a little more but the ride is 100x better!
Almost did get the treadwrights but i was only saving like $60-$80 and figured i might as well spend the extra coin and get brand new. I ended up getting the new Cooper ATP's which do pretty well. The ome lift is probably gonna run me around $800 or so which is pricey but ive been bumped up to Full time at work so maybe. Or i was thinking about a boydylift and putting in rear springs to fix the sag and calling it a day. Got any pics of your yota?
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