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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
Ethyl is good.
Methyl is bad.
OH groups (alcohol, hydroxy, hydroxle) modify larger molecules if they are the primary functional group. One of the fun properties of a hydroxyl ion can do fun things. We all know that alcohol loves water using a polar bond but the organic backbone (methyl, ethyl, butyl, propyl, etc.) may also chose to get warm and fuzzy with non-polar molecules. An example of this would be Dry Gas. If you have water in your gas tank, you can add a bottle of this product (which is usually isopropanol or methanol) to your fuel and it will bond to the available water in the tank. Once this is done, the water laden alcohol will now be attracted to the non-polar fuel, however, it will not form a solution because the hydrocarbon bond is not as strong the polar bond. Since there is uneven distribution of the alcohol/water solution in the non-polar gasoline, you now have a heterogeneous mixture. This mixture can be effectively burned by the engine so a slight loss of power.

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