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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
To some extent, yes, I should be held responsible. I should think twice about parking in a shitty part of town, I shouldn't just think oh my insurance will cover it, then again, I have insurance for that. So I am covering my ass.

Just like someone would think twice about not having their guns safely stored in a case that only they can access.....

Unfortunately life doesn't make rules for the good kids, it makes rules for the bad apples, we all have known that since we were younger, one bad apple has always ruined it for the rest of us. Now we need to make those consequences strong enough that the bad apple (the good gun owner who isn't smart enough to lock his guns up) swift enough that he thinks twice about owning the gun or storing it improperly, if he knows big brother will track that unlocked gun back to him, put him in jail for 10 years, because he was dumb enough to get it stolen, or loaned to the wrong person, or whatever, maybe we'll lower the number of guns that end up in the wrong hands?

Laws will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but maybe just maybe if enough responsible gun owners start to stand up for their rights and are held accountable for their guns, we can keep a few extra guns out of the hands of criminals?

Do we care if two deadbeat thugs have stolen/illegal/unregistered guns and kill each other on the streets of Detroit/Flint/redneckville/LA/NY? Nope, not one damn bit.

Do we even care if those deadbeats break into some crack house to get his drug money, or settle the score or whatever where some crack whore has 10 kids with 8 different dads and shoots the place up knocking off a kid or two in the crossfire? Not so much, at least I don't, they're inner city useless fucks who's parents put them in harms way.

On the flipside, do I care if some psycho kid grabs his fathers legally owned firearm and columbine's the place up? Yeah, I do, nobody deserved it, there was just a senseless shooting of innocent people. Do I care if some psycho takes his mom's legally owned target/clay/sport shooting guns and shoots up an elementary school filled up with innocent teachers and students? Sure do. Do I care about some psycho kid shooting up the movie theatre and just randomly firing? Again, I sure do.
I'm going to have to dissagree with you on this. We don't have to tolerate the bad ruining it for the good. I think we both want it gone, we are just trying to do it two different ways. We have laws in place, lets use them.
I promise you, if someone comes into my house to steal my gun they wont leave with the gun.
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