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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
I am not in favor of registration in any form. I am a United States Citizen who has first, a God given right to protect myself and my family, and secondly a constitutional right to own a gun. There is nothing in the constitution that says I have to admit to owning it. IMO, the less someone knows what I own, the closer I am to being able to effectively protect my family and exercize my right to protect myself from an enemy here or abroad. Once someone knows what I own, they have the ability (whether legally or not) to know when they have confiscated all of my weapons. Simply put, I don't like that.

Our society is based upon "innocent until proven guilty". Although it has pros and cons, it "IS" our culture and legal right. Not a privelidge like driving a car,........... but a right. I see that as a huge difference.

I don't buy into the "why is it a problem if you have nothing to hide" arguement. Rather, I feel it is my right to say "why is it a problem with what I own when I have done nothing wrong?".
So how do you feel about the shootings that took place in CT? How do you feel about the fact that someone who legally owned firearms lived with a psycho and her guns were accessible enough to be used to kill school aged children that are the same age as my own children?

How would you feel if that psycho made his way into your place of employment and shot you up before you had time to defend yourself? (Oh, that's right, you carry so you'd be able to wild west shoot him up before he ever got to you right?)

Yeah, you're right, everyone should be able to buy whatever they want and it should be no matter if they proved they were competent to own the gun, or drive the car, or anything else it should just be a free for all right?

News flash, you may have been born when the constitution was written, but if you haven't noticed things have changed a bit. Adaptations of our rights isn't a terrible thing as long as they are not being taken away.

There is no reason to take our rights away, but if someone gets his hands on your guns because you aren't being a responsible gun owner by all fucking means that should be trackable and you should be responsible for it.

This kind of attitude in my opinion is what is wrong with this country and its extremism of the two parties recently and why nothing can be accomplished.

Your thought is its my right and I'm not changing even if we have a criminal problem with guns.
The lefts thought is take all guns away.

How about the left says we'll let you keep any and all guns you want to buy if you allow some regulation, and the right says, hey, we'll make you a deal, we'll increase the regulations on guns, but we still get to buy whatever we want so long as we do a better job of making sure those guns don't get into the wrong hands, and if they do we will increase the penalties for the guns owner so people act more responsibly with their guns and how they store them when they are not look we comprimised and no one lost any rights, we enhanced everyones safety from psycho's, and we all still get to buy whatever guns we want.

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